Wednesday, March 18, 2009

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You DO NOT want Millions of website visitors
or "Guaranteed #1 ranking" on Google
or other search engines.

Despite all the hype, it DOES NOT matter how high your website ranks, or how many people click to visit your website. These are myths that have led smart people, just like you, to make costly mistakes in promoting their business on the internet.

Hi! I'm Rebecca Murtagh,
an Internet Marketing Success Master.

I want to invite you to enroll in my FREE "Search Engine Marketing Myths Dispelled" e-course to learn the facts about these and other common myths that can cost you valuable time and money when making decisions about how to promote YOUR business online.

After 20+ years in traditional marketing and 12+ years in e-business, website development and internet marketing, I have built a successful SEO and internet marketing consulting practice helping businesses of all sizes leverage the online extension of their business for a greater ROI...success.

I am alarmed by how many entrepreneurs, small business owners, consultants, solopreneurs, webmasters come to me after being duped by SEO firms, simply because they were not armed with the facts. Now you can get the facts, for free!

"Search Engine Marketing Myths Dispelled" walks you through the most common myths, with explanation and tips on how to apply your new knowledge.

I recognize how steep the learning curve is for those who don't "live" search engine and internet marketing every day like I do. I also appreciate that the investment of hiring a professional SEO consultant like myself may not always be an option.

So, I've decided to teach others my highly coveted and sought-after SEO internet and search marketing knowledge and PROVEN methods!

Now you can improve the performance of your website by learning:
what TRUE SEO is and how it should really work
how to avoid the most common "optimization" pitfalls
how to REALLY search engine optimize your website
how to write SEO copy for your website, press releases, blogs, etc.
how to proactively leverage Google analytics
how to improve PPC performance
how to improve website conversion of visitors to customers (for ROI!)
how to convert what your web vendor calls "optimization" into proactive search engine marketing to qualified prospects, ready to buy from your business.
You don't have to spend months learning by trial and error!

Now you can learn best practices, proven methods and secret tricks-of-the-trade so that you too can leverage the internet to grow YOUR business!

Internet Marketing Success Masters
is unlike ANY other SEO or internet marketing training program because it integrates:


Skill Development
This learning approach is powerful because it goes far beyond "theory" to help you not only learn vital concepts, but benefit from my expertise and many years of experience while you learn to put your new skills to work.

I am confident that by the time you complete one of our SEO, internet marketing, website strategy or promotion programs that you will have gained the ability and confidence to leverage your website to achieve measurable results.

We will be offering virtual training classes continually, but I want to get you started right away, So, I've created an absolutely free, information-packed and easy to use SEO & Internet marketing resource called, "Search Engine Marketing Myths Dispelled" As a bonus, you'll also gain FREE access to my award-winning, highly valued SEO and Internet marketing tips, tactics and strategies via email.

Simply fill out the form on the top right of this page, and I'll send you the first part of the FREE "Search Engine Marketing Myths Dispelled" e-course right away.

I look forward to helping YOU gain the knowledge and techniques to leverage your website to drive traffic and convert targeted visitors into customers!
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